Author Jo Hurford

Jo has always had an affinity for the ocean, despite growing up in Bathurst, country NSW, Australia. After snorkeling in the Galapagos she knew staying at the surface wouldn’t suffice, and so she completed her scuba-diving certificate. As a diver, she became aware of the oceans’ fragility and the challenges it faces. This led her to writing blogs and creating short videos and documentaries with conservation messaging. She has been inspired throughout her time as a dive instructor working in Indonesia, Mozambique and now on the Great Barrier Reef. She loves telling the Oceans’ stories to educate, raise awareness and inspire others to do their bit to save our oceans too. Bio photo credit: Morne Hardenberg.

A Hole Full of Fish


When I first discovered swimming in the Top End seas was a rare activity, I was dismayed. I have spent the past five years living and diving from Indonesian and Mozambican beaches almost every day. I wondered how I’d cope without my daily dose of vitamin sea and sea life! I had heard about the Top End’ s infamous crocodiles, stingers and limited visibility. So, it was with some trepidation that I packed my fins, mask and snorkel for my first adventure into local waters. When we arrived at a blue hole near the Vernon Islands off Gunn Point I…