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My name is Mike Scotland and I am the editor of Dive Log Australasia

We are rebuilding Dive Log which was the brain child of Barry Andrewartha, along with Sportdiving since the early 1970’s. Barry gifted Dive Log to me in April 2020 as I had been one of the principal contributors for many years. 

To rebuild a dive magazine in the most difficult time in the last fifty years is a challenge, to say the least! However, passion, enthusiasm, the love of scuba diving, reading and writing, underwater photography along with loads of hard work is the antidote to the alternative, which I refer to as  ‘The Nothing’, an idea borrowed from ‘The never ending story’ movie.

Dive Log Australasia is about the celebration of marine life and showcasing excellent quality underwater photography. I am running a free Marine Biology course. Currently doing Molluscs, part 2.  The course is a lot more in depth than most magazines so that readers learn a great deal from this course. We have a strong emphasis on imparting knowledge and educating all divers. As well, we have scores of writers and photographers who support us. We are doing our bit to rebuild the scuba diving industry here in Australasia and around the world.

We have a professional Graphic Artist Vikki, who makes extremely high quality presentations. 

In the future, I will be running a Fish and shark Identification course as I have been an avid fish photographer for 40 years and have a massive collection of good fish photos. 

We always encourage underwater photographers and writers to contribute and show off their work. We like to think that we have a very professional on line scuba diving magazine provided free for the reading and entertainment of divers. We do encourage people to subscribe so it will be delivered to your in box.

It is my firm belief that we can help to save the planet by education and appreciation of the wonderful marine life we can discover in the sea. As more people appreciate the treasures in the sea, then they will do something to turn the tide of destruction happening in every ocean worldwide. We need to give Mother Nature a helping hand and rebuild the Garden of Eden. One way is to read “Dive Log Australasia”. Learn more about marine life and get a dose of motivation to dive.

Mike Scotland, Editor – Dive Log Australasia

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