AirBuddy – Changing the Face of Tankless Diving


A group of Australian divers are changing the world of tankless diving by introducing the AirBuddy. This portable system offers up to 45 minutes of dive time for one diver up to 12 metres of depth and is both lightweight and small; consisting of just a battery-powered air compressor, a regulator and hose. The 12-volt battery takes 3.5 hours to charge using a standard electrical socket.

AirBuddy’s inventor Jan Kadlec confirmed they created the product to provide an easy way to do self-guided dives in shallow waters and are not trying to replace conventional scuba equipment:

“We aren’t trying to replace SCUBA, it’s still great for deep dives and cave diving. We wanted to make diving just as convenient as other sports; a sport where you just grab your gear and go. It was created to eliminate all the hassle, time and expense that comes along with preparing for SCUBA diving and it’s perfect for reef diving which is where countless species of sea life can be found.”

The team have launched a Kickstarter campaign after four years of developing their product and are aiming to raise AUS $169,000.

Further information can be found in their AirBuddy Kickstarter Campaign




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