Introducing An Affordable Underwater Drone: the Element ROV


As children, we feel a deep attraction towards the unknown and become little explorers of the environment we live in. If we’re lucky, that passion to explore remains with us as adults and sends us into the depths of the ocean.

 The desire to explore the marine world, including the beautiful and fantastic creatures that live there, has pushed explorers and inventors to develop a long history of submarines and equipment to go deeper and deeper underwater. These same exploits have inspired fascinating novels and the dreams of many children.


Until recently, both aerial and underwater drones have been expensive and inaccessible for many non-professional users. But with the exponential growth of the aerial drone market and the relative decrease in prices, many of us have become owners of drones, allowing us to become DIY pilots, explorers, documentarists and cinematographers.

Moving from the air to the underwater world, it is now the turn of underwater drones (formerly remote operated vehicles).

Whilst Remote operated vehicles were mainly developed for the oil and gas industries and small ones weighed in at 60 kilograms, the market for small underwater drones is now growing and becoming more affordable. The main difference between aerial and underwater drones is that the underwater ones are unlikely to crash and are always piloted through a tether, as wireless communication is still not completely developed for them.

Element ROV

Products that are easy to use and pilot are available, with software running on normal laptops and tablets. Along with other underwater drones available on the market, there is a brand-new product available; the ELEMENT ROV – Underwater Drone.

Introducing the Element ROV by Ocean Eyes Group


ELEMENT ROV – Underwater Drone, is the flagship product of Ocean Eyes Group. It combines transportability, ease of use and a self-contained energy pack. ELEMENT ROV is a small lightweight vehicle (less than 6kg), with an extremely high power/weight ratio. It can be easily backpacked and becomes operational in less than three minutes, with no need for an external power supply. It provides hours of run time thanks to its internal battery. It is the first underwater drone with a 2-axis (pitch&roll) gimbal ever produced, allowing incredible stable footage. It can be easily operated through a dedicated hand controller and a piloting software running on any laptop.

Element ROV

Ocean Eyes Group has developed this unique drone whose configuration can be changed in a few seconds, without disassembling any part and without the need for tools. Two of the six thrusters can be easily rotated to provide either manoeuvrability or power. Strong currents can be handled with the Power Configuration; by turning the two lateral-movement thrusters in the same direction as the forwards/backwards ones to create four thrusters pushing into a current. The Agility Configuration allows users to have eight degrees of freedom again, by simply turning back the lateral thrusters to their original position.


Element ROV allows new dive sites to be discovered and explored; checking if it is worth an “exploration dive” and saving daily dive time if the dive site isn’t worth it. This drone allows divers to optimize the time they invest in discovering exclusive new diving sites that will become favourite “secret spots”.

This product becomes even more useful in demanding diving situations, like cave diving, where the exploration of a new cave takes a lot of dives and an extremely precautionary approach. By implementing ELEMENT ROV in the first phases of the exploration of a new site, dives become easier and safer. Sites can be mapped and tracked before diving them.


ELEMENT ROV can also be used to inspect the hull or propellers of dive boats and to check where an anchor is stuck. It can be used as a recreational drone to explore what’s under the boat between dives and used to show non-divers and children how beautiful the seabed can be!

Finally, several accessories can be mounted on ELEMENT ROV, including a manipulator and a fluorescence light kit. This special light allows the user to see the fascinating “fluorescent side” of many marine animals.

ELEMENT ROV is made by Ocean Eyes Group, a company based in Europe and South America. We develop innovative products for underwater applications, implementing new technologies and custom tailored solutions, and maintain high quality standards at incredibly affordable prices.


Ocean Eyes Group offers innovative solutions in several fields; thanks to its multi-disciplinary approach and a diversified team of experts that include engineers, technicians, aquatic biologists, remote underwater vehicle pilots and project managers.

The ELEMENT ROV is available for sale at a special early-bird offer on the Ocean Eyes Group website.

The early-bird version includes:

  • 1 fully assembled ELEMENT ROV, including battery, 1080HD camera, 2 integrated LED lights
  • 1 pitch&roll mounted gimbal
  • 1 battery charger
  • 1 hand controller
  • Dedicated software
  • 50 meter depth rating
  • 50 meters tether

All you need is a laptop and a site to explore!

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